Your unbeatable protection against viruses and spam

Every day, countless unsolicited spam emails end up in your mailbox and you are looking for a reliable anti-spam solution that separates the good from the bad without risking wrongly blocking an important email?

Our antispam service is the first multi-tier solution to combat all spam methods. virus protection provides you with comprehensive, multi-level protection against spam emails of any kind. All incoming email messages are also checked for harmful content by our antivirus scanners and only virus-free mail is forwarded to the recipient.

Your advantages:

  • Stops spam and viruses at the Internet level, outside your network
  • Highest detection rate of spam mails
  • Increases the productivity of your employees by filtering out unwanted emails
  • Delivery only to valid recipient addresses
  • Less bandwidth consumption
  • Eliminates the threat of email-based phishing attacks
  • Quick and easy to set up, no software installations necessary
  • Managed Service - no hardware or software investment
  • Quickly and easily activated
  • Seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Relief and optimal protection of existing resources
  • Perfect complement to existing antivirus solutions - for double protection

Antispam module

Incoming mails are checked for spam characteristics using a multi-level AntiSpam filter. If a spam message is detected, it will either be specially marked and forwarded to the recipient, or the spam message will be cached on the VirusProtect security filter. At the same time, the recipient receives a daily overview of all spam emails that are in the spam folder.

Due to the address book comparison with the known recipient addresses, messages that are addressed incorrectly or generated randomly by "spam automatons" are intercepted by the virus protection Antispam service. The address book filter stifles non-delivery report attacks already in the bud, the own e-mail infrastructure is noticeably relieved and it is consumed correspondingly less bandwidth. Our antispam service will convince you!

Antivirus module

All e-mails are checked by several antivirus scanners at the same time, even before the messages land in the recipient's mailbox. Viruses are reliably and quickly isolated and deleted so they can do no more harm. This protects your resources and optimally protects your infrastructure. To ensure comprehensive protection against e-mail viruses, worms, Trojans and all other forms of criminal software, automatic updates of the antivirus scanners are carried out continuously.